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Things are running good? Great! What do I have to do to make it stay like this? Things run not so good? Ok, what is the capital of this crisis?
I cannot work on other people. I can only work on myself. I can sped the rest of my life criticizing others and blaming the circumstances . . .
. . . or I can, day by day, change my mind in a way that transforms my life.
Years of artistic and scientific practice taught me that the world really is what we think about it,
what we do and on what we believe. So I came to the point, the world is created by our way of thinking, acting and believing.
Change is possible in every moment. The world is as dynamic as our brain - as our body - as the situation we live in.

I have been working with people of all ages helping them to improve their effect on their world.
My clients learn that the appearance of the world is like an echo of what they send.
And it is a great joy to see how we can change - and how the world directly responds to what has happen.

Please feel kindly invited to work with me. We develop your individual concept according to your individual needs.
On that base I send you a concept by mail. When you agree with this concept, we are ready to start.

How do we work? I will show you the techniques musicians work with to express their art.
Above all, this is a work with body techniques. We find out the signals and the effects we send unconciously.
Videoteaching can be very helpful during this phase.  In the following step, we study brain techniques which help us
to conciously steer our signals and effects.
I promise: The status of being able to steer your signals and your effect according to what your life should be is one of the greatest joys ever!
It is the basic feel of self-confidence in our emotions, thoughts and actions - a great improvement in our ability to respond to other people, optimizing our social impact.

Working on your body and your mindset, you will experience freedom as the room between sensual impulse and your response.
I am looking forward to meeting you.

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